About Us

I started Char’s Fabric Art when I was a stay-at-home mom and my young family needed some extra income. Since then, it has grown into a larger, home-based business and I consider it a very rewarding career. In the last few years, my line of products has grown from fleece headbands and head wear to include fashion infinity scarves, what I call “String Scarves,” yoga headbands, and other designs. I have also begun a new line, called “Re-loved,” up-cycling fabric from unwanted items that might otherwise end up in our land fills. I enjoy giving new life and a more current, fresh style to a remodelled scarf or headband, making it a “Re-loved” accessory. All of my products are very versatile with many ways of using and wearing them.

Although the business is called Char’s Fabric Arts, there are actually two people involved: myself and the love of my life, Mike. Mike is the fabric pattern cutter specialist, helping production move along while I’m busy sewing. He’s also my sounding board for most business decisions. Although he works in the trades, he is my right-hand man in his spare time. We both enjoy creating handmade, new, and innovative apparel from our home-based studio in Edmonton, Alberta.

I hope you enjoy our creations!

– Charlotte Evjen

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